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So here it is, ta-da!(poof... cloud of smoke here) With all of the fanfare associated with what you'd expect from a grand opening at water bed warehouse or a battered poultry franchise let me be the first to welcome you (yes, you) to the Wonderful World of N! Miami Artist. Share my website on your Facebook page with the "like" button at the bottom of the page.

Miami Stencil Artist

With that you're probably wondering, "What the heck is N!?", or possibly, "Who is this N! person?". You may even be asking yourself, "How did I even get here in the first place?" Well, you're here now and that's the important part. N! Satterfield is a Miami Artist. This is the home of N!'s Miami tiki art! (Actually, this is one of it's many homes, but if you'll excuse my artistic digression for a moment I'll try and answer your question.)

Miami Tiki Artist

You see, some folks believe I am a Miami artist or a Miami stencil artist because of the tools and techniques I employ, but graffiti is a pretty vague term and stencils are simply mark-making tools. Granted, I'll admit to creating quite a bit of stencil graffiti in my time on the planet but that's only a small part of the picture. Somewhere in the process I became more interested in using the tools of the trade (spray paint, caps, stencils, attitude) to make something more visually pleasing."So it's pop art?" Well, I do veil my subversive tendencies in the veneer of tiki imagery and thereby gain the ability to comment on it. And it's certainly as pretty as it is confrontational, but it's basically an exercise in culture jamming and as such is social commentary.

I can take any image or symbol (or symbolic image for that matter), re-contextualize it, and ultimately liberate it. By ingesting the wash of pop cultural debris and regurgitating it back to the masses I'm able to point out the humor in it, address it's shortcomings, or simply allow the viewer to reflect on their own relationship with it. "So it's lowbrow art?" Err, actually I'd rather have somebody do a double take than simply shrug their shoulders and continue on because of how they define my work. If that takes manipulating images, creating vibrating moire patterns, or bending flat objects around corners that's what I'm going to do.

I defy common perceptions of what spray paint is "supposed" to look like and have a loads of fun playing with the results. Quite frankly, I like things that way. I simply refer to it as "urban folk art" and I really hope you enjoy it. Take some time to look around, check out my Miami artist gallery, for tiki art, stencil art, graffiti art, and mural. Read my blog, shoot me a message, join my mailing list, but above all just have fun. (*note: that's "art" with a small "a"... we already have enough big "a"s looming around the art world without adding one more to the mix!)

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